Of Thunder Tights & Truck Tyres Part II

It has taken me over a year to get over the plain and simple fact that I’ve put on some meat. The last time I blogged about my weight issues in details was when I wrote this post.

Bye Bye Chubby (Image: Slow Motion Thoughts)

I went through phases of ‘What fat… me?’ and then to the most dangerous of all the phases, the ‘So what if I’m fat!’ phase. This particular phase lasted me a year and I’ve made and broken tons of promises to myself in the bargain. Every second day would start with me making a resolution and end with me not giving a rat’s arse. This post here gives you painful details of it all. But now that I see my own once upon a time tiny arse growing at an alarming stage, I’m making a public promise here.

It all started yesterday when I was pinteresting (Name: Panda Love). I was looking at the Women’s Fashion category and it made me realize how much I’ve missed dressing up and looking pretty… for no one else but me. I pour my heart out to my mum and made a crazy promise that I WILL lose all this extra chunks of meat. I was so excited that I could barely sleep last night. Despite that I woke up early today and exercised a little (60 crunches + 20 floor touches).

Yes, that explains why I am up so early and blogging because I’m so full of the cause and energy. I’m going to document everything I eat which would (I hope) help in checking what I shove in my mouth. I will still make yummy things for my co-blog on food (Roadside Gluttons), I’ll even taste them (no denying myself from awesome food) but I will not binge.

No more self-pity. No more denial. No more lax attitude.
It’s time for a change!
Starting today…

2 thoughts on “Of Thunder Tights & Truck Tyres Part II

  1. Hi, I would like to think that we should be happy with our bodies but i agree with you. If i am not happy , i should get rid of the weight … going through the same stuff. cheers … ps. stay strong


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