Journal: Meet Patch Fernandes

Meet the newest love of my life. R’s puppy dog Patch Fernandes. Yes, those who know me can pick their jaws of the floor, I like dogs now. Ever since Lulu, her puppies, Betty and her baby Ugly, my fear of dogs has melted into oblivion, only to be replaced by this crazy-person intense love for all things doggie.

Image by Slow Motion Thoughts

Patch is one of the most ‘human’ puppies I’ve ever met. Well, he ain’t a puppy no more, he is almost 4 now but I like to call him that. If you’d stare into his eyes and you’ll do the same. His mum was a Pom and his dad a Dalmatian, or so I’ve been told. Like all things wonderful, Patch is beautifully monochrome with distinctive black patches on his left eye and his bum.

R’s family picked him from outside their home in Mumbai one day to tend to his foot that was run over by a vehicle. Patch’s foot never really recovered but he found himself a safe and loving family. He is one fussy li’l mutt that demands constant attention. If you stop scratching him, he’ll look with a WTF, did I tell you to stop?’ expression and if that doesn’t work, he’ll nudge your hand with this wet nose till you abide.

He need constant human contact. I love how he sits near me and leans on my leg, only to fall asleep. He gets mighty excited when he does his No.1 and No.2 business and makes sure everybody in the house knows of his accomplishment by running around the place in a frantic manner. When you eat, Patch will sit by and stare at your face and use his Jedi powers to make you feed him. I, for one, cannot resist his baby eyes and end up giving him a lot of food under the table. R says Patch knows that he has me wrapped round his li’l paw. I say what the hell, he deserves it for being such a cutie pie. Our main man is exceedingly famous with the girls and is a Facebook personality in his own right.

Also, sometimes when you are not paying attention, you might mistake him for a black and white pig because he is one Fatty Fatterson.

Image by Slow Motion Thoughts

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