Journal: Where’d I go?

The past year has been rather strange.
From my foray into journalism to braving Mumbai, from being in a long distance relationship to battling with weight issues, it has been long and short at the same time. This is me breaking it down…

Image by Slow Motion Thoughts

Foray into journalism
I work like every other 24-year-old out there trying to fill his/her days out. I believe in giving my all, still not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. With a simple one track mind, I can see only one thing — Work, work and more work. And despite it all, I don’t seem to feel fulfilled. I don’t feel like Ive accomplished much in the past year at my job as a feature writer with a decor and lifestyle magazine. Don’t get wrong, I like my job, but I feel like something is missing… Maybe the lack of that something is in me, I don’t know. Working from 9 to 5.30 (the extra half hour counts) for 5 days a week for 12 months as of 25th April, 2013 with my name and byline in about 12 issues and I still want more… If you’d sit me down and ask me what that ‘more’ is, I’d give you a blank expression, a half-hearted shrug and a strange sound that when decoded means ‘I bloody don’t know’.

Braving Mumbai
I said braving mainly because it sounds better than avoiding Mumbai! But this past year has seen me take my first local train ride alone (last month. Yay me). I also ate a vada pav after much avoidance and face-making and I kinda like it. The faint memory of the last vada pav (stale) I ate when I was 10yrs old still lingers and makes me want to barf, but Im stronger now. Can’t keep making excuses that are in the past, correct?

Long distance relationship
It’s hard, yes… But not at all impossible. With skype, whatsapp, FB, Twitter and what not, are you really truly that far away from your loved ones?

Battling with weight issues
I’m fat and ugly now, but you already know that. Not that I was exceptionally pretty before, but the skinny-ness has a way of creating an illusion of hotness. So, I paid 10k for a 6 month membership at a fancy-ass gym, swore in front of the Gods of the weighing scale that I’ll workout religiously everyday and conveniently quit within 3 weeks. One of the reasons being those very Gods forsake me and I seemed to gain more weight than lose it. Right now, I’m 59 kg and 24 years old, when I was underweight at 35 kg and 17 years old and signed up at the exact same gym for a bloody weight gain program! Beat that. I dare you… BEAT THAT!

Oh Oh. Completely forgot to mention my new food blog started with a friend.
Roadside Gluttons — On the Prowl 
Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Journal: Where’d I go?

  1. hmm…That's a fairly accurate roundup.
    But, don't be so harsh on yourself sweety. Weight 'gained' can be 'lost' too. You just need a 'leeetle beeet' will power!




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