Journal: Draw a smile

Today was a rather aweful day. Badly hung over from last night’s celebration (twas me bday), work was a disaster on ice. I felt sick, I looked sick and all I wanted to do was head off home for some much needed shut eye. But alas, life isnt that kind. She is a ruthless lil witch. So I stayed on at work till about 7pm. Half an hour of mindless waiting to get into a super crowded local bus that wud eventually drop  a good 10mins away from home. Then the strangest thing happened…

He walked into our bus. This old old man who could barely walk. He climbs into the bus and presumed that the first lady he saw would give him her seat. Before she could offer (or not), he smiled at her and insisted hes getting off at the next bus stop. He stumbled his way to the back of the bus to buy his ticket from a careless conductor. He shivered as he walk wearing his golf cap at 7pm. The bus was rather still…or emptier (i couldnt make out the difference).

We were getting off at the same stop. He and I. He stood in front of me in line at the exit. As we stood, he slowly reached out his quivering hand towards a small boy seated. He turn his hand over after revelling the shock on the child’s face. It was a small chocolate…a lozenge…
A hesitant bombay boy resisted for a moment and coaxed into accepting by his father. The old man silently smiled. His hand, however, continued to shiver. He put it in  breast pocket n quivered his hand to the boy’s lil sister. Same trick. Different child. Same happiness. Same smile… On the child and him. And me…

We got down. Him first, then me. He stood there, pulling up his pants…reminding me of the doctor.

I pray you age as gracefully and as humbly as him.

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