Mission Baking – Chapter 2 – Chocolate Chip Cookies

Good ol’ chocolate chip cookies. That’s what I set out to make. Armed with pictured recipe from wikihow, I still chose to add an extra egg. When will I learn?

“Stick to the recipe”, “There is a reason why its called a recipe, you know!”…have heard this from #TheBoy a bunch of times…and with my trial bite, heard his words ring in my head again.

They weren’t as crunchy as I would’ve liked them to be. But popular opinion said it was yum. Note: the people (office folks & friends) I feed my baking experiments are ruthless foodies that don’t hesitate in finely chopping the chef, if needed. With sounds like ummm, mmmm, hmmmm coming from these guys, I’m happy that my ‘double chocolate chip cloud’ was edible!

Here is the recipe I followed. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies
I don’t know what got into me that I decided to add an extra egg. I think that’s what made it a little soggy. I suggest you stick to the recipe. I also chose to add 2 cups of chocolate chip for that something extra *wink*

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