Chance Or Choice?

Watching a teen TV show to get my mind of the fact that my Saturday night out with #TheBoy and friends was ruined by committee ruling. PJ Club, Bombay says no girl or boy can enter if wearing shorts/skirts. Just my luck… to combat the sun storm that hit planet earth today I wore army green shorts and my batman tee. Invincible, I ventured out meeting him after months…Glee was cut short abruptly, thanks to unforeseen circumstances.

Coming back to the TV show in question, Awkward. is about a high school girl’s life. In the last episode of the first season, her mind is full of 1 question that she keeps asking herself and her friends  — Is destiny governed by chance or choice?

I can safely say…a bit of both. The choices I’ve made and the chances that have come my way have resulted in one thing and one thing only…this moment.

Am I complaining?


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