Music: The Dewarists

Single handedly, this humble avant-grade show hit an unexpected Indian audience and changed the way young India perceives home-made TV series.
I’m talking about…

Because The Dewarist deserved a Gold at the Cannes! 

This TV show goes down in history for winning the Bronze medal at Cannes. Must listen to these track.
Pure Genius!

There was a point in the past few months when I was busy clearing my head and making a decision about my career path. The sole reason I wanted to join TV production (having no experience or technical skill sets) was this series. It might sound like a bucket load of hog wash but its gotta be said…these episodes do something to you…something strange to your mind and heart. It’s extremely difficult to put into words. But …I guess you’ve watch it to believe it. Great part is, all these are freely available on Youtube.

1) Khule Da Rabb

2) Kya Khayal Hai

3) Sacred Science

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