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Facebook Groups. I love the concept more than I like Facebook pages. Whatever the group might do or stand for, they all have a purpose. They all have a direction. What’s commendable is the sheer genius creations that they eventually become. One person’s idea, a few mouse clicks and voila…you have a user generated, cause-oriented space in the matrix.

Each Facebook group is personified by each and every person who posts on it. The collective mindset of the members give the group human-like traits. The people become the digital space that they attach themselves to. Personally, I enjoy Facebook groups much more than the brand pages mainly because a page is run by 1 person, while a group is a democracy (productively active or annoyingly aggressive or hopelessly spammy or frozen dead). 

Here are my favorite Facebook Groups.

Swapbook: A concept that turns one today. Born from the mind of Pravin Subramanian, this group of avid readers meet up once every month (second saturday) to discuss and exchange books. They laugh, chat, eat, make new friends and take home an interesting new read, what more can you ask for! 

Second to None: Created by Anu Gummaraju, Reena Chengappa and Shilpa Kamath Prabhu, this group has become a phenomenon in Bangalore. This highly active group promotes upcycling, reusing and recycling. 

A similar group that’s based out of Mumbai is called Bombay Bazaar

Put Me in Touch: Information seekers pool. You post a question, someone …somewhere has a relevant and helpful answer for you. For every doubt, there is a solution and this FB group proves it. 

Mumbai Short Story Writers Group: A lot of people have been taking about these guys, thanks to their latest self-published book called ‘The Labyrinth. These short story writers meet up regularly too!
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/224942394185969/

Pet-Sitters India: Wattay concept! This group aims to connect pet parents who need sitters for their pets to people who would like to baby sit them. Lovely, indeed. 
For all those guys who came up with the idea of these groups, thank you for taking time off your day and managing them. Thank you for adding more value to facebook. Thank you for doing this for the love of it and not for money. 

*Slow Clap*

Media Movements: This group acts as a platform for media professionals in India. Where journalists and PR executives and their symbiotic relationship thrives! 
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mediamovements/

7 thoughts on “Facebook Groups

  1. Nice post!! PMIT has helped me a countless number of times! Someone should make a list of the active groups… would help others!


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