Gulzar’s Aandhi (1975)

I spend a good 20 mins rummaging through a pile of CDs at Magnet, Matunga (W). It was so worth it. I always loved the songs in this movie and when I laid my eyes on the DVD I just had to have it! Watched it the same night.

Wattay movie. The movie resembled the lives of two powerful women politicians — then PM-Indira Gandhi and Bihari freedom activist Tarkeshwari Sinha. Written and directed by non other than Gulzar. Rhea Sen’s grandmother Suchitra Sen plays Aartidevi and Sanjeev Kumar plays her estranged husband. The film toggles between a past and the present in the lives of these two and ends with maturity, effect of time on human nature. What you see is two people who made mistakes as young lovers and when fate hands them a second chance they play the cards right by making the same decisions. Only this time round, its a conscious decision, not made by the rage of youth.

Picture of a film: Taken on my laptop

To think and have the guts to make a movie like this during the mid 70’s in a volatile India, commendable. Much to my surprise, Aandhi didn’t end with your typical Bollywood happily ever after. The climax was real, mature and brave. 

Tum Aa Gaye Ho – Aandhi (1975)
This song pretty much sums up the movie. These lines by Gulzar leave you with emotions that words cannot explain. Iss Mode Se Jaate Hai – Aandhi (1975)

Iss Mode Se Jaate Hai –  Aandhi (1975)
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  1. So I stumbled upon your blog 'again'! 🙂
    BTW, wrote a propah propah blog on aandhi at Do check when u have time


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