First time for everything

I never really do this. Set goals for myself and work towards it. Don’t get me wrong, I have my daily dose of post-its to strike off. But they are usually made to get me through the day.

I figured I’d give it a shot for once. Long term goals that I hope to achieve this year…everyday a step closer.

Things have been changing rapidly…sometimes faster than I can process. To cope and understand things better, I’ve decided to keep a organizer cum diary cum goal reminder of sorts. It’s my old Christ University diary (Good times!).

I find myself re-reading ‘Goals 2012’ atleast once a day. It sort of calms me down, somehow…

Admit it. We all need our custom-made tranquilizer(s). We all have one that we’ve found by trials and error. It could be anything from yoga, music, cigrettes, video games, blogs, shopping, rum, mindless TV series, cleaning or a poem.

My current experiment: A list on a page.

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