Day 3

Writers have blocks.
But I honestly don’t know what to categorise this emotion or the lack of it as.
Like any self respecting human creature I shall suppose I am the first of my kind to endure such hardships.
I wonder if I get naming rights?
I call dibs.

Point being ?
I have begun my days at the lonely house of the unemployed. We have 6 meals a day with a handsome helping of confusion.

Day 3: Im considering vegetarianism. Then you can call it a day and institutionalise me with good reason

Salary is a drug…
not the natural kind like weed but a filthy hallucinogen that lets you think your rich and bestowed with money management skills of a Wall Street G*d.

The monthly moolah is satanic because when you don’t get it, withdrawals happen.

They don’t prepare you for that in the best of schools, do they soldier?

There …now that rambled myself to a bermuda triangle point, I shall go dance in the rain.

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