"To Kirket"

Wednesday 30th March,2011

Ind Vs Pak WC Semis 2011

Much to the irritation of my pals in Bombay, I chose this day to fly back to B’lore.
Yes, I didn’t calculate the odds that of the WC and weighed the chances of us playing Pak in the semis. Why? B’cause I don’t care for cricket AT ALL. It’s highly overrated.
There I said it. Sue me

A brilliant day to drive. Our ride from Shivaji Park to the airport took to mere 15mins without a single halt. The airport was mighty deserted. No lines to check-in, no crowd to push through. The dreaded Gate 2 (low cost airlines gate) didn’t look like a fish market. I felt utterly lost. This didn’t look like the Bombay airport I know and love/hate.

The few folks who dared book their tickets on this eventful day perched their behinds conveniently facing the LCDs that the airport so considerately installed for this occasion. As I immersed myself in India Today, I hear our National Anthem. As I raised my egg shaped head to face the TV, this moderately filled lounge was on their feet with pride in their stance and hope in their eyes. Like a scene out of a TV commercial.

We sit & inspect the area around me wishing I had to knife to cut the tension in the air. The marshals pressed themselves against the glass doors, their florescent jackets hurting my eyes. Wonder who was watching the planes…?

Go Air’s regular flight to B’lore was hauntingly empty. More leg space for me, I say. Now miles above the ground, I fought to keep my eyes open when I was interrupted by the Captain. He panted like I presume Hercules did, ” Hello. This is the score of the match. India is 175 for 4 after 35 overs. (I don’t remember the exact numbers).” Now my sleep evaded me. Thank you Mr. Pilot man for making me laugh my lungs out & doing what only caffeine could have done.

Touch down B’lore, only to be at the receiving end of another short breath score update. Endearing how every time the pilot the contacted the radio towers, they gave him an update.I wondered if anyone else found it as funny as I did. I strained my ears for a chuckle. Nothing. 

Back to the city for dinner at a small restaurant. They kept forgetting to bring me food! Next stop, Chocolate Room & LCD TVs. We entered to find fellow college mates. I didn’t know them but one can tell a fellow Christite in a crowd. After the chocolates disappeared, the staff didn’t mind all those people hogging space.

The winning catch (Virat Kohil *drool*)… fire crackers… howling… jumping on seats… screaming…hugging…kissing… balloon bursting…crazy dancing….

It’s funny how a highly fragmented and sensitive nation unites for against a common perceived ‘enemy’.
It’s hilarious how much fuss a game of cricket can garner.
I don’t care for cricket but the last two matches got this nonbeliever to chant ‘India Jeetega’.

India’s loose adhesive is unarguably the unanimous love this ‘religion’.

I don’t care for cricket but if this is what it takes to piece together my country, I sure as hell respect the game.


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