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"All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players:

They have their exits and their entrances;..."


Drama…ah there’s nothing like real life drama

Perspective is a clear road map when YOU yourself are out of the picture. It just seems clear and obvious to you as a third person, the attentive audience…untouched by the gruel reality of the drama.
As much as you scream out the right answers, the ones on stage never hear you. Empathize you do, but apart from that you are utterly powerless till you jump on stage uninvited.
Somebody always gets hurt, someone has to win. Somebody always walks away untouched and someone is forgotten in the bargain.
Advice from a pro: Like it or not, everyone gets their turn in the spotlight.Remember never to back the audience(else you’ll be stabbed). Improvise and impromptu …anything works as long as you don’t look like a fool on stage. And don’t worry about the spotlight, your eyes will get used to it.
Perspective, the manual to winning, is handed to you after the race the lost. Consolation prize? No…
It’s the trophy of wisdom. Epiphany galore served on a platter after a hard day’s work.
Congratulations you’ve won…hope you like the prized perspective
Drama…ah there’s nothing like real life drama

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