The crumblings of half a cookie DATED 9 nov 09

I’m surprised at my threshold. In the auto I wondered, how I’m managing to stand so still when the land beneath my feet swirls vigorously. I guess you never know your limits till you’re pushed beyond it.

I positively had at the worst night of my life. Well I know I throw around the terminology loosely. But this day, ought to go down in my history.

Why is it that when Pandora opens her box all the evil things come out at once? Why can’t it happen a day at a time? Why can’t spread out? A punch per pay is a much better recipe than truck loads of it.

Murphy has always been at the receiving end of all my curses. The Honorary Ph.D from the reputed Institution of Jerkland must be twisting in his grave just because I want a punching bag.

Its funny how people get threatened by other people’s mere existence. We are truly animals. Nahh…’Animal’ is too nice a word, ain’t it? Cannibalistic Sadistic Savages …Now that more like it, no?

Why does it always rain on a ‘bad day’? It’s a universal phenomenon stereotyped by cinema. But, it’s true. Example: Nov 9,2009.

I tend to vent on people who don’t deserve it. Then I drown intentionally in guilt. I wonder what’s peoples’ sh*t taking threshold when it comes to me?

I like meeting new people randomly and striking serious conversation about randomness. B’lore people are nice.

Small talk aint by big cuppa tea! I hate being in it, around it, close to it or in a 5mile radius of it.

Everyone eventually goes away. And yea, life is unfair. “Happy Realization… Egyptian Civilization.” (once more in chorus)

Every notice, we get tons of calls from friends and family on a day that you are being treated like a purple robed blue blooded royal by your good ol’ pal Sinister Luck!

I sleep tonight with one question flashing before my mind’s eye like the hourly breaking news concept of Indian News Channels … “What Makes The Cookie Crumble?”

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