MissedTrainhummingtoday.jpg Jab we missed the train Munnar image by carecafeThis…This moment…A micro second I managed to steal to give a glance to the web extension of my identity.
There is no excuse. I cannot blame it on time. It won’t care even if i do.The amusingly taxing task of adaptation had monopolised my one track mind. What can I say…I’m only human(partially)
Mother of mine tends to make sense sometimes. Yesterday evening she said, “Don’t ignore your blog. It’s a part of your identity.” Funny how things we already know seem true only when some else says it!
The timing of the dialogue was perfect. I had just begun managing my course blog for my University. I had tasted the addictive again after unwillingly quitting cold turkey.An almost predictable behavioural trait when it comes to me. When I love something too much and give it my all…at some point in time I leave it. Just like that without rhyme or reason. I let myself miss it and long for it. And I come back rejuvenated with new vigour and zest.
Ummm…the sweet high of blogging…

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