Up…Up…& Away

The Brilliance of being a Pessimist is, you absolutly don’t mind being proved wrong by the Universe!

I, for instance, was always proved right…up until now.
Now when it really mattered…
The Scheming Universe proved me wrong for a change!!!!!!!
Thank you Universe…
I guess ‘The Alchemist’ was right.
If you want something so badly, the entire Universe conspires to get it to you…
And if 2 people want that same something what choice does the Universe have, right?
For now….
Goodbye Bombay

4 thoughts on “Up…Up…& Away

  1. hey, wats up?, looks like sum1's too busy with coll n all, no blog entries since i donno when…, when u gonna upload ne articles, oh n also show me sum pics of bensontown 😛


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