I’m leaving for B’lore on the 25th. I’m super excited to meet my family and friend. I remember the last time I went to B’lore was when I was 17. Studies and life preoccupied my one track mind never allowing time enough to go back for a short visit.
And 3 years zoomed past leaving me in a thick brown cloud of dust. As the cloud fades I open my eyes and I’m well on my way back to the place of my birth.
Last time I was there Tharu, Kiran, Satvik and I spent joyous brothers-sisters bonding time together. It was a first for me. My family means the world to me. I remember preparing myself for it, being the last time the four of us would be in the same city, let alone the same house.
Airplanes, Jobs, Education, Weddings etc took us to lands far away and 1095 days later I have a nephew! Yes, I’m a proud aunt to the cutest lil’ sweet muffin ever named Samarth (Tharu’s baby boy)

I can’t wait to see him…
I love how beautifully our lives have altered. I love how happy I am. I love the hope that I’ll continue to be happy. I love the sense of the family tree that I feel when I see my relatives.
I look at us now and see so much change. Gwad, I was positively evil when I was 17. As I prepare to pack my bags, I’m swept over with nostalgia. With cloudy eyes, a sheepish smile and a young heart, I dare to blink again…
(Listening to Stare by Marjorie Fair)

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