Happy Belated Blogaversary To Me !!! :*

Over of month of absenteeism from whom I truly feel is one of my best friends and without competition my only virtual BFF, is unacceptable. True. But I have a good enough excuse — The Unavoidable but surprisingly pleasant board exams. A struggle that didn’t need much tactical thought, mild level of stress interrupted by seldom bouts of ‘La-La’ freak outs, controllable nausea, heavy breathing exercises, never experience poise and a cathartic closure after every passing paper , I’d have to say this was a rather pleasant examination almost bordering on enjoyable(due credit to my real-life BFF Regs for passing on his contagious strength).

Almost a year ago, I created this blog as a measly little space to vent. To release all that was pent up to an impartial ear that wouldn’t judge. So figuring from the lil’ experience that comes from existence I knew I needed a blog to fill that void. What started off as an anonymous forum soon turned public, a consequence of my own failure to control the involuntary movement of my mouth. At some level I do resent that this part open book that exposes my uneventful and humble life is public knowledge but another level a more stronger feeling resides. This blog gives me courage. Although I have seldom uncovered not-so-chirpy sides of me (I might never. What can I say I’m a private person :P) the blog still gives me the audacity to ‘SAY’. Say trivial things, blabber incessantly about nothing at all, opine strongly about what I feel and think and over-think…courage to say anything at all…

What I love about blogging is the sheer fact that with a click of a button I can review my history, considering my tiny head has the capacity to hold little to none amount of information. With this blog I can momentarily turn back time.Within a measly few seconds I can see how I’ve grown(figuratively speaking :P)

Happy Belated Blogaversary(14th April) :*

(Listening to 100 Years by Five For Fighting)

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