Found in Transition ?!

As much I scout hard to find change to spruce up the monotony of life, transition has never been easy for me to handle. Most of the time change in my life is a controlled variable. I have either foreseen it coming or planned down to every meticulous detail, its conception and arrival ——— now change like that I can handle and is more than welcome mainly because its on my terms and turf.

Flexibility is reserved only for muscles in this 5 foot frame. Change that is inevitable, for whom I have not organized minuscule facets is a short throw away from being nothing less than horrific.

I live at my pace. The world runs at its. Somewhere sometime when both our paths cross, there’s an unavoidable clash of momentum. If you have understood even quarter of a percentage of what I am trying to blabber here, you’d know right now I’m a major wreck. A lot of my energy is going into holding myself together, making me snappy and moody. But that’s how I deal with things. There is no one to blame for this but me. I shouldn’t have become so laid back. I forgot to prioritize and this is me paying the price.

But I’ve changed. I no longer get intimidated by unanticipated change.

I might get thrown off for a bit but I’m sure as hell still running the race…

(Listening to Drag by Placebo)

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