That’s what Shell said…

I love quotes. They are the most obvious things that are beautifully framed to derive insight that make you go ‘woahh’. More than your regular ‘famous quotes’ i prefer the things i hear from everyday people. Sometimes people make so much sense its wow’in.(Note:Sometimes)

Shell D said one the most super things ever the other day on chat. Probably the best advice anyone can give anyone. Like all the other quotes that I love, it found its way to my diary but it’s so awesome I can’t deny my blog of it.

“Why do ya take everything so seriously? That’s why you have so many problems. You should be more chilled. You’d still have the same number of problems but you’d care less”

— Sheldon D

(Listening to Yann Tiersen composition Comptine d’Un Autre Été OST Amelie)

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