I’ve been thinking lately (which itself is an occasion to celebrate :P) about a story they told us when we were kids. Remember, the one about two friends.They were stranded in a jungle when they encountered a bear. The one who knew how to climb a tree abandoned his pal in a dire state of need leaving him to fend for himself. So, the friend on the ground plays dead in front of the bear and the bear walks away falling for his act.(I wonder if they made up these stories in anticipation of bad-judgment dorks like me)

Anyway, I’d like to quote a very wise ol’ lady( no extra points for guessing who that is :P) whose words have been resonating in my head for the past few days.She said ,” You’ll get a lot of friends who’d want to hang out with you when you’re happy and everything is hunky-dory. But the true test of friendship is how many of them stick around when you really ‘need’ them. And those who don’t, it doesn’t mean they are bad people or terrible friends. It just means you can’t trust them and cannot rely on them. And those handful that do stand by you, hold on to them for dear life and consider yourself a lucky kid.”

I’m lucky…

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