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I always respected my teachers. But there are only a few who have left an everlasting impact on me. Miss Rose Nazareth, Gor sir and Prof.Lakdawala. I will write about Nazareth and Gor soon, but this post is for Lakdawala. He’s one of the best professors a person could ever have. Any kid would be blessed to have him as their father. I envy his kids, I tell you. He taught us MP in the 5th semester and teaches us AMR this sem. After his every lecture, we feel we can do something with our lives. He gives us hope. He emphasizes on sticking to our principles and standing strong in trying times. You can figure from his talks that he is a genuinely nice human being. He makes us want to do something productive, something big with our lives. He makes us believe we can. I look forward to his Saturday lectures; and yesterday as he was talking to us about human behavior, he said something that hit me hard. It isn’t something extra insightful or different. It’s simple and obvious almost. But something about it, made me smile in agreement. And I quote…

” Sochnewalle log hamesha dukhi rahate hai.”
—Prof. Hanif Lakdawala

I concur…

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