Is simplicity too much to ask?

I must really have some stale, left-over karma from my previous life. Either that or life’s just a rabid dwag. But complexity seems to find me no matter where or how hard I try to hide, like some unexplainable magnetic force. 20 years and I’m still playing hide & seek with Fate——– the undefeatable champion. (And I claim I don’t repeat my mistake. Ha! Hypocrisy at its very best)

Human beings are all pretty simple creatures. Very black and white. It’s circumstances(most of which fate orchestrates) that drains the color out of us, turning us helplessly gray… giving us character. No doubt, that makes us all beautiful in our own weird-arse way.

But still… is simplicity too much to ask?

Or do we all thrive on the entertainment and purpose that knots bring in our lives?
Would the monotony of simplicity and perfection that it spews, chew harder on our bones than complexity ever can?

Just looking for answers…that’s all.
(Sometimes I think I ask too many questions, na?)

Listening to Collide by Howdie Day (thanks Amu for telling me about Collide. Can’t get enough of it, i love it that much)

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