Pooja & Komal

Sometime you unexpectedly come across these people in your life whose stay is as brief as a pleasant summer rain leaving you feeling blessed and sad at the same time. Last week, I met Pooja & Komal. They used to sit outside college while parents sold beads. Pooja,age 5-6 and her baby sister Komal,barely a year old, still managed to smile.

I fell in love with Komal the moment I set my eyes on her. She was the most cheerful,happy lil’ baby girl I have ever seen.Her eyes would twinkle putting stars to shame when she giggled. A part of me would hurt so bad looking at them.They didn’t choose this life. But I don’t know why, Komal made me so very happy.Making her laugh was so fulfilling…its ineffable. Pooja,on the other hand,looked and behaved older than her age.

Thinking back, I feel awful that we only played and petted Komal, almost forgetting that Pooja too was only a child. She would just smile sheepishly and look on.

I saw them last exactly a week ago.

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