Saturday 17.1.2009

6.15am: Reluctantly,I drag myself outta bed and get about with my morning routine before I leave for class.

7.00am: Dressed and seated at the dining table, I slowly shove breakfast down my throat.
‘Cling,cling cling cling’, my cellphone beeped.I knew what it read before I read it.*sigh*
Lecture canned.

7.01am: No need for food to keep me going now, is there? So breakfast(if you can call tomato rice that) was done with.
Mumma rushes back to bed as I sip on my cuppa chai.Too awake to go back to bed,I sit in the kitchen contemplating ‘killing’ time…
What do you at 7 in the damn morning on a day when you have NOTHING else to do?
One hellava tough question!
I sat there cursing the small tea cup, then my maid who broke my big tea cup, then my prof for canceling lectures, and yada yada.Eventually, I ran outta things to crib about and I geared up to do the only thing left to do.

Watch the sunrise…

7.05 – 7.45ish am: On my terrace,wearing a stoopid multi-colored sweater, I parked myself on the ice cold marble bench facing east. It took a few seconds for my bum to adjust to the sudden cold but (it must be said) refreshing change in temperature.
The sky was so picturesque…beyond words.

Far west behind me, it was still kinda dark. Where I was, it was sober sans the yellow rays…the meak moon awaiting his cue to disappear. But the east, took my breadth away. It resembled the sea, streaked with yellow, red and orange glitter. With every passing minute, the tiers of the waves grew, closing in on me. I waited patiently…watching,breathing,sinking.

I don’t remember the exact time I saw the first glimpse of the morning sun peaking behind concrete pigeon-holes we proudly call ‘home’.But I remember that moment…

And I don’t know why I did this but I stood up on the bench and again higher on the armrest and I stood there, dumbfounded. The sun rises faster than I expected it to. I mean, balancing myself on a tiny stone box with 3.5 feet thrust without anything to hold onto,eyes fixed on a big ball of fire, I was suddenly very conscious of movements and gravity.

My eyes eventually began to hurt and I was struck by bright idea no.2!

7.46 – 8.50am: I rushed back down and asked mom if she wanted to go to the park below my building, half expecting her to say no. To my shock, she jumped up and came along. You should know that this park opposite my building has been here for about hmm…lets see…6-7 years now.

And I have been there…what…once!
And Mum has been there… like what…Never!

So Mumma and I skipped our way to the park. I made a run for the swing inspite of being the only kid around.I was always the kid in the park who’d hog the swing.How somethings never change…

Mum, on the other hand, had officially lost it! God, she’s so crazy you have no idea. She walked around the park holding up her radio and blasting tacky old Hindi songs disrupting peace, much to the shock of regular morning walkers.The old aunties and uncles in the park were mortified.I laughed and playfully threatened to disown her, but deep down all my questions about me being obnoxious and idiotic were now well answered!
I love my mumma.

Rest of the day, I slept and ate and slept again…

Envy me,people!

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