The evil consequences of boredom

Around noon on Monday, I sit alone at home after a long time; enjoying every minute of the slow boredom that vacations epitomize.Suddenly my mind screams Obama’s campaign call…CHANGE!(PS: I love the man. I hope he wins)
The staticness got me wanting transition like I always do but more. So I did what I always do when I’m in need of CHANGE…I gave myself a hair cut.

I tried going for the ‘Emo’ look. But I’m positively sure what i achieved is far from it.Mumma says i look like Ugly Betty but with purple glasses. Mumma really knows how to throw a compliment. She’s swell!

But it’s just hair. It’d grow back…Right??

And for your amusement I present to you photographic evidence of the evil consequences of boredom.
Yes…you may laugh your arse off. Thank you.

It’s worse than it looks!

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