Gotta do something

I walked around in circles like I always do. At a pace slower than my usual, I let my Mp3 player choose tracks for a change. My terrace…my sanctuary in all its bareness never seizes to inspire me. Free me. Push me.

I go up there almost every evening when the skyline is adorned with lights as far as I can see. Sets the mood I guess… to ponder, to reflect, to escape.

As I walked barefoot in the pitch dark, risking nasty jabs of stones and breathing through my painful sinus, I almost stopped in my path. It dawned to me this late evening. A realization I knew was coming my way, hit me. Hit me hard.

Two Decades of measly existence and nothing to show for it. I want to do so much. I want to have my own NGO or at least join one. More importantly I want to have my own agency. I want to travel. I want to publish a book. I want to do a great many things.

But what’s stopping me?

By the looks of it, all I do is talk. I haven’t really got down to DOING something. I have to. Yeah, I have to. I can’t just sit my butt here and wait for things to happen…I have to make things happen. Yea…I going right now dammit!

Eh, I’m still here!

But I’m gonna do something. I’m not sure what. But yea…I’m gonna do SOMETHING!


*spaces out*

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