My 20th Birthday

It fell exactly a day after the 5th semester boards. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. It was everything I ever wanted and more. Much more. I spent my 20th birthday with my friends. If I haven’t said it enough, I’d like to thank them profusely for being there. It meant the world to me.

1st: The pre-party at Prisca’s with my girls!

We ghatti danced like maniacs and climbed the wobbly bunk-bed like monkeys. We laughed, posed, jived and made funny faces. We got so caught up in our madness that we completely lost track of time and left the boys waiting in the heat at Candies. : P

2nd: The party at Candies!

Ok before I say anything, I’m gonna go all out and say Candies is, hands down, the best place to throw a party. Chandy and I celebrated our birthdays together. My friends bought war-worthy sinfully chocolaty cakes.

My cake was beautiful with 20candles and all…Chandrex’s DJ Finalaya cake was killer with 3 ciggies instead of candles! And once those candles were blown and wishes were made…all hell broke loose. Bhops aka Yogi bear started a cake fight. The highlight of the party was this long sweet cake war.
At the end of it, all our faces and clothes were cake smeared (Sowieee once again Vandu, I hope that stain came off).Then we washed ourselves up and ate till we couldn’t eat no more!
(But me missed Noe, Jess, Rye and Rich a lot). And Ashwini, the girl behind the counter at Candies was a darling. She had so much patients to deal with me.But i didn’t get any perks for sharing my birthday with Candies’ Manager.Bummer.We thought we’d get a discount! 😛

3rd: The famous White House!

The after-party was at the Chandu’s bachelor pad. I love that place. It oozes color, life and creativity. Graffiti on the wall, lounge music in the air, naughty lil’ pocket pom named ‘anarkali’ and PS2 joysticks in our hands… we were at peace! By the way, we girls kicked some serious arse at Burn Out. The guys didn’t stand a chance.Anarkali aka Akki is by far the cutest lil’ puppy I have ever seen and probably the only dog I have ever touched or played with. She’s my baby. I loved the terrace at White House. It’s sort of serene and peaceful. I remember the moment when we all were seated outside and in front of me I could see the sun set and behind me the full moon rising. Beautiful.

Amidst all the talking, joking and laughter, I sneaked lil’ moments where I looked at my friends from afar. I thanked my stars for having them in my life. It took a lot outta to me not to swell up with happiness. Damn I feel lucky. I must have done something right that Karma thought I was worthy of that splendid day and those marvelous people.

Love you guys tons! *hugs*

4th: Dinner at Gypsy with Mumma and Dadda

Later I rushed home, slipped into another Remanika’s dress and went for dinner at Gypsy.

I love that place.It used to be this pricey place with bland food but not anymore! The food is so yummy there these days.Dad and I like always split a bottle of Fosters. My Dadda orders killer food always. Mumma and I left it to him to choose and ordered this awesome lamb appetizer, nice rice and a very spicy garlicy chicken dish…

And Sammy, so sweet of you to wake up and wish at 12…poor thing was so sleepy. And Haggrawal! Bum, that was the bestest birthday wish ever, stepped perfectly on the line of being oh-so-gross and sugary sweet…hehehehehe.

Thank You so much for giving me a perfect birthday…Love you’ll

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