The Liberation

Partly inspired from this painting exhibition(Me Vs Myself by Shailesh Acharekar) I went to with my parents on Sunday , i wrote this poem yesterday as I lay wide awake at 2AM.

Inhibitions of a poor rigid mind barricade me.
This meek soul fighting against conformity.
Left over thorns from yest barb my path.
Bleeding incessantly, I leave no footprints.
I tear open bandages fast & painful.
Exposed wounds accessorizing my limp body.

I bathe in the dim light of uncertainty.
For now I have cleansed my existence.
Dusted complex cobwebs from all
conceivable corners of rooms known.
Rearranged heavy furniture making space for new.
As I lay unnoticed in seemingly endless fields of ice
Liberating me from … Me.

2 thoughts on “The Liberation

  1. Well at least this time you got brevity but if I may ask, what is the reason behind tearing open bandages, bandages are there to heal you.Also you say uncertainty and then go on to mention a sort of revamping which should give one clarity rather than leave doubt.You speak of your residence as if its location must be somewhere in the tundra region, no doubt a reference to coldness of others but then why rearrange the furniture and clean the house if you are going to be unnoticed.


  2. Dearest Rich,Glad your back home and recuperating.By opening bandages admitting wounds. Accepting them as being there and not being ashamed having wounds.Everyone hurts alike. Uncertainty as in new!For a mind who meticulously plans out every possible detail, letting go is difficult and hence the dimness of uncertainty.I wouldn’t call it revamping…more like ‘clean slate-ing’.When i say rooms known, i didn’t literally mean ‘a actual place’. I meant rooms in my mind.Places in my head where i hold things/memories/beliefs etc.And yes endless fields of ice did mean coldness of the others…unnoticed because I believe i am insignificant.Rearrange furniture and cleanse the ‘rooms’ to make space for new people, for new memories.Washing away stains on the wall for new paintings,if i may.


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