Gimme a break!

Have you ever been so tired that nothing around you registers. So tired that you just don’t give a rat’s arse. So tired that you wish life had a pause button. For that matter a fast forward and a rewind button too. Tired for no apparent but nevertheless tired of everything. So physically and mentally exhausted that you wish you could just turn off. So in need of some major rejuvenation that you want to drop everything and revive your soul but you can’t really do that because …well because you just can’t!
You try to sleep it off, that tired feeling, but you wake up with a heavier pack on your back and a dumbbell on your head(pun intended).

One things for sure,4.31pm on the 13th of Oct starts a revival session. Blissful(hopefully)days of rejuvenation and resuscitation.
I’m gonna indulge guilt-free in all my favorite things
and a hell lotta music!

PS:Lesson of the day
The evil side is good. Principles and morals gets you no where and gives ya extra pain-in-the-bum work! Next time i get an opportunity to cheat, i am gonna pounce on it like an alcoholic on desi daaru after a god forsaken dry week!

Counting down the days…

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