The Un-super Power

Old Poem. Wrote this about a year ago.The only poem where i have used a masculine pronoun to address the main character. Now i did this only because i wanted to use the word ‘impregnates’ in the first stanza along with ‘he’.

With day, a head held high
The come of dark, he quivers
But only time did unravel
A discovery of
The life that impregnates
His Heart…his Being
In the cover of the underestimated night

He once sane mind, unspared
It was bestowed with the curse too
Every night he vision attained
A state of momentary lucidity

He’d call it
His damn, his power
His gift, his loss

He wished it away
But it stayed
He loathed seeing people through
With this sight so new

Ignorance he plead for
Ignorance he didn’t get
So the coming morn,
He would swallow
All that he knew
The night before

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