The Invisible Dam

I took years to build

And my sweat turned blood

Making this divide

To keep my soul from floods

I used metals hard to break

Worked against emotions hard to fake

It’s thick, not thin

So far and wide I’ve been

I’m done

And now I lay, still on my side

Creating a world

So different, so fine

A life with me and only mine

I’m proud of my dam, I fabricated and filled

I brag about my apparently strong will

And laugh at all the world’s kill

They think they’ve hit dead end

Oblivious of the soul I shell

Don’t you tell anyone;

Swear by silence or you’d turn silt

But secretly I await for The One

With strength and equal guilt

To destroy this dam inch by inch

To drown me in love, we don’t flinch

This creation of mine I made for him

And once that dam is blown to bits

Our worlds will be one

Just me and him

This is my first attempt to properly rhyme and all, so don’t laugh! I say this because my mumma laughed for hours after she read this! I wrote this poem over a span of two days, which again is a first for me!

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