These Round Tables

A killer-ish day yesterday. Jam packed and ultra eventful to say the least. So my friends and I are seated over two tables.

Table 1: Me, Bhops, Vandu, Rye, Col and a guy I didn’t know who I presumed was one of their friends
Table 2: Big Shel, Toks, Brits, Chen and Noe

Scene at Table 1: All of us are busy discussing, laughing at rye’s ’terrorist’ jokes and eating. The guy I didn’t know intently looked at us through his glasses trying his best to understand what we were talking about. All of a sudden he asks vandu what project we are talking about and picks up my books and flips through it. Vandu tells him the book is not his, but mine. He questions me about the same and I murmur randomly at the friend of my friend. He nodded to my blabber. Silence fell upon our table. Bhops whispers to me, “Is he your friend?” I reply confused, “Err, no. whose friend is he?” Bhops (wide eyed) “Don’t know man”. He leans towards Rye asking him as I ask Vandu and Col. Twin reply “No, he’s not our friend”. Silence fell upon our table, again.

Scene at Table2: Freaked out a lil, I ask Table 2. The Chinese whispers followed by a nod in negation mirrored those of Table 1. Now we have 10 people all majorly freaked out sitting in deafening silence. I shift in my chair. We are seated with an uninvited stranger. Who does that? Which sane minded human creature joins a table full of friends and tries to join in the conversation!!!!!! Not socially acceptable people. It’s not like that place was full or something. There were enough empty tables around. Hell, the only thing flashing before my eyes then was …“Errrrr…Creep Alert!”

So Rye goes to get food as we sit there powerless and in danger of an intruder amidst us. Vandu and I are conspiring to take the creep down. Ask him to move or something. We turn around and ‘HE MULTIPLIED‘(quote unquote vandu). There were two of them now. Two alien kids on our goddam table. Speechless, I look on. Vandu on the other hand cannot believe his eyes. The rest of the family soon notice the new creepo and look at each other in despair. That’s it I had enough! Someone had to smack these weirdos back to Co-co land…I felt like the chosen one. I stared and practiced the ‘Go-back -to –your- home -planet –you- freak-show -of -the -first -order’ speech in my mind. This was just plain shitty.They had to leave. And before I could stammer my potentially award- winning speech (which honestly I wouldn’t have said any which way), they left.

Left us freaked out!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it might not sound really interesting. But its one of those ‘you had to be there’ type things. One of those stories that we probably might relive 10-20years from now.

Either way, later at night, my folks and I went out together for dinner after years. Years!!!

I kinda like it.We used to go for family dinner regularly when I was a baby. But somewhere down the road, that Sunday Tradition sorta faded. We went to Gypsy to celebrate Dada’s birthday. Had the yummiest food…I swear I ate so much I thought I was gonna explode. We had Roasted Chilly Lamb, Ming Chicken Fried Rice and Sizzling Chicken Hakka Noodles. Dad and I had a pitcher of Kingfisher while Mumma stuck to water.

We sat there for like an hr and half.Spoke.Laughed. My eyes roved between the fish tank behind my dad, the cute guys at the next table and the salted peanuts that had just the right amount of salt. I forgot how much I missed dressing up and going for dinner with my parents to a fancy restaurant.

So, come to think of it, my day revolved around Round Tables!

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