I’m Soowie Bloggy

WARNING: This post has been written out of pure guilt.This is a personal heartfelt apology to my blog.Kindly look away when asked.

This has been haunting me for a long time. For some reason I have ran outta things to say.Actually to be more precise, i have ran outta ‘say-able’ things. You know things that I’m fine with telling strangers, acquaintances, friends and family.

I’m hating the fact that suddenly i have grown conscious of the very blog that i have loved for so long. An online extension of me that i created to vent.A virtual voice that for so many months has been the center of my ‘web’ed universe. There was a point when anything that had the slightest impact on me had to be blogged about. If something made me smile,frown,dips and all, my mind would go ” ooh i should totally blog about this.”

Now all of a sudden, i don’t want to say much. Even this post is being written reluctantly. I have been telling myself repeatedly that nothing ‘worth’ writing about has come across my path and that’s the only damn reason I have not blogged. But who am i kidding.
There’s something amiss. *puppy face* But gimme some time I’ll repair it.

This is the part where you look away cuz the letter below is only meant for Bloggy.

Dearest Bloggy

I am so sorry my sweet Bloggy. I’ve been ignoring and avoiding you for so many days. You’ve been sucha supportive friend when i needed you. I apologize for resenting you for no fault of your own. It’s not you, its me. I have these feelings i need to sort out. I will but i just need sometime to myself that’s all. Maybe if we take a break…just for a while…a few days or weeks. I dunno how long i need but i hope you understand. This isn’t goodbye. Its just a temporary sabbatical. I’ll be back soon. I promise Bloggy.


*virtual hug*

Yours always

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