Just another manic Sunday!!

G*d…G*d I’m never gonna learn. I have to stop doing this…getting all worked up and excited about uncertainty. You don’t have to remind me, I know I made a vow to myself not to dream and to chill and go with the flow. Oh man…I can be such an idiot sometimes I tell ya.

I did it again this morning. I dreamt. It didn’t even take much time; saw it all in a flash. Man I had it all figured out. It played like a movie in my head. And life gave me close to about 5 minutes to relish the moment and get frenzy about it. I swear I couldn’t wipe that ridiculous grin off my stupid face. After which I took out my calculator and began punching in numbers… multiplied them *coughed*, and multiplied again *began to choke* and when I was done…I fell of my chair and dropped dead!!

Life with the aid of my trusty calculator gave me in one tight slap (said in a very southy accent). This ‘dreams and plans’ stuff went kaput before I could say WTF. You know the problem with me, for some G*dforsaken, I conveniently forget to think about vital stuff like money. I mean I can be as unrealistic as Lennon’s hippy dreams of a war free borderless world.

So here’s my POA

Sail through life. Walk with a smile when it’s flowery. Grab things in my reach. Duck when things are thrown at me instead of to me. And frantically read ‘How to swim for dummies’ when there “an iceberg right ahead”

There I feel happy already. Yay! I got it all figure out again…sorta-ish…

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