Needless to say, I want you…

The most appalling of emotions in the sea of ‘the felt’ is the desire of need. Needing is, without a close contender, the most antagonizing shade of the human heart. To need is as selfish as the pretext on which (Prez-my-ass) George W. Bush went to war with Iraq. A human creature is self-reliant, independent and content when he is free the ugly clutches of needing. The Need of material objects is instinctive, and to an extent even curable. But the worst kind of need is the requiring of other humans. The feeling of love for another is often, with great conviction, confused with the feeling of need. I honestly believe that to love or like anyone is not to need but to want. A need is satisfied, dead, once it’s met. But when you ‘want’ truly, with every droplet of your living blood, it’s selfless.

When you need someone, you are nothing but a burden to that very person. You require that being to fulfill YOUR need and feed your weak ego. Once a while fulfilling their need, out of obligation off course. Barter Exchange?! Eventually your needs soar skyward and you’ll sniff around to find a better deal.

But when you want, with passion that hurts, you are willing to give sans expectations. When you want someone, it’s by choice without an ulterior motive of ‘parasitizing off’ another. You by preference want to spend time with them, love them, and care for them.

All the people in my life are there, not because I need them. I don’t need anyone to make me happy. They are there because I want them.

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