The first time i saw my name in print was when this poem got published in my college magazine.What a rush! I had written my 1st poem at the age of 13 but it was not very well appreciated by my biggest critics, my friends. I dropped my pen, only to pick it up 4years hence. And this poem was born.
I need to clear some major misconceptions about this poem. For some god forsaken reason people think it’s about a broken relationship. Hell, no!
I wrote this when i passed my 12th. It’s about my school and junior college friends, about how I’ll always love and remember them.

As I look around me
At the beauty that prevail!
At the beauty that stupefies!

As I inhale this moment in my life
I am here
You are here

A part of me is happy
Another is terrified

I know its not going to last
Nor would it come back
I smile as I take a photograph
To remember
This time, this instant

In the Collage of my Memory
Each frame holds a special place
To tell a everlasting story
Back to the time of its trace

And when I miss that time
And I miss that place
I will reminisce
‘Cause within me
I’ll always have those still frames
‘Cause within me
I’ll relive that moment!

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