I have come to believe that people present in the same time and space are not there by coincidence, they are there for a reason. I have a theory and relevant examples to hereby prove my hypothesis. It’s called cosmic manipulation.

You know I always thought my building ‘get-together’ were lame. I mean common, a cluster of people who avoid each other all year through assemble around inedible food to make pretentious small talk. That in my world is lame with a big ‘L’ and I wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere close to it. But since my folks insisted and since I was hiding in my cave trying to overlook my bleeding heart. I, in a moment of insanity, decided to ‘un-hibernate’ and attend this ‘gathering-thingy’.

I saw what a fool I had been to mass judge people. Cynicism had infected my bones and fate had slapped me in the face with ‘human’ people and proved me wrong. I was ashamed that unknowingly I had turned into my worst nightmare— a hypocrite. I believed rumors and pre-judged people without a solid base, a quality I detested in others.

As I stood amongst my mother and women 4 times my age–powerful, strong women who survived and enjoyed life , I saw my ‘problems’ turn trivial. Intrigued at their strength, inspired by their will, I synopsized my dilemma, indirectly of course. They told me words that my mom has been saying for years; words that I heard but didn’t listen because I figured she was doing the ‘mom-thing’. But these women, achievers in their fields, huddled around me and assured me that it will heal and I will live to tell a tale – my tale. They said, “Don’t be too hard on yourself, child. It’s ok to have scars, they are lessons of life. Embellish them; they are proof of your strength”. They told me their stories and how they endured and how they survived. They gave me hope.

We stood there for close to 6 hrs, a 19year old and four 50 year old power women, and we laughed out loud (really loud), we shared, we communicated; Mothers to mother, Women to women, Mothers to child.

From all the small groups that had formed – the new mom’s, the new dad’s, the old dad’s, the grandma gang et al, I bet we had the most fun. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would find friends, mentors at the very place I consciously never looked.

My theory is simple. Each and every interaction is pre-written and under the cosmic world, we are puppets ‘meant’ to meet. Every meeting even with acquaintances is sacred intertwining with our karmic deeds, auras and beliefs. If only we intentionally look and hear, we might absorb what the cosmos intended.

There are no chances, just opportunities that we didn’t see coming. Opportunities of redemption and vindication. Occasions to forgive, to love, to heal.

Cosmic Manipulation, hence proved.

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