Three’s Company

I always cursed my fate for being tarnished, for not giving me many a good friends. I tagged myself ‘unlucky’ when it came to making and keeping friends.

Yesterday, as I stood in the middle of a rough Dadar crowd with my two oldest and only friends,Sammy & Harshu, it dawned on me. I looked at my girls and I couldn’t help but feel extra lucky. Here they were, my school buddies, who I’ve know for almost a decade. Though we’ve been through hell and back. But we still stuck to each other by some unnatural Fevicol-ish bond. In a flash, I remembered how we fought, how we grew apart, how we broke off and then we made up, grew up and mended ourselves.
We’ve had our rough patches and unlike most things in my life, the potholes fillled with time. I guess, we grew up.(ahem… by we, i mean me)
The three of us are very different with non-intersecting lives but together we’re a force to reckon with.

I have always marveled at our ability to be so far apart all through the academic year but each vacation we flock hypnotically toward each other— have fun, laugh, cry, console and eventually go back to our lives. Next holidays, we just pick up where we left off. And in the middle of our hectic lives (you know how knotty a 19 year-old’s life can get) whenever I’m in of need of a shoulder, I have my friends with me in a heartbeat.

I look our lives now, so different from what we dreamed it would be. A lot has changed; so many scars, so much done and even more undone, but I beg my fate, to keep my two best-friends-forever constant.

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