Driving licence

They say Formula1 is one of the most difficult sports in the world. I am not here to deny that. But if you come to think of it… it’s it easy to drive on a road you know well. They know just when to turn and when exactly to break or when to speed up down the straight to chequered flag. They have been down those lanes tons of times. But even the best lose control once in while.

Ah! If only life came with a road map and unlimited supply of diesel. We could speed through things when we want to and slow down when we want to! It would save us for a lot of pain and hardships and lessen the usage of our rusty cerebrum to a great extent. But then again, won’t the fun be lost? Won’t it become almost monotonous and (what do you call it…oh yeha…) BORINGGGGGGGGG if you knew what to do and just when to do it to come out just fine?

The trick is to stop wishing and whining about what could or should be. So what if there are a couple of sharp turns here and there. We try to drive around the potholes but so what if once in a while you just didn’t see them coming. Is it that bad?
A lil’ bump…it didn’t do any grave damage did it, other than a momentary projectile movement of a few internal organs. Sometimes you’re on the expressway and sometimes you’re driving in dark narrow gallis!

The trick is, my friend, to sit back and enjoy the ride. All complete with its unpredictability, not forgetting why we are driving in the first place. To reach our place of choice!

P.S: Ladies & gentlemen don’t forget to fasten your seat beat.

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