The colors in barrenation


I went to rajasthan in Dec 2007 on an Educational excursion. And I learnt everything that the system doesn’t teach… I learnt to feel.
The first time I laid my eyes on the desert;The first time I felt it slip through my fingers;The first time the ground sank beneath my feet;The first time it pricked my eyes;The first time I froze …It was the first time I felt at home…

This poem is a tribute to Rajasthan .May she forever fill us wanderers with emotions that only barren land can yield.

To, The desert …From, The heart
The biting winter cold

Sweeping the lonely desert floor

Watched over by clear studded sky

Stranded in the land of the cheap slippery gold


A drifting atom in the ocean as a whole

The real mirage of life triggers

The hunger of everything that breathes

Along with a silver eagle that preys

For nothing more

or anything else than
An identity for his sake

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